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Note: All weapons mostly that are either assault rifles or SMGs or any type of automatic weapon have all the same recoil and accuracy by default, it's the attachments that change the way the accuracy and recoil work.

Snipers Edit

Snipers are long-ranged weapons, able to be equipped with a purchasable scope to take enemies down from a distance, snipers, like in every game are a very lethal weapon, though packing a punch, most snipers have low ammo capacity. There are only 2 snipers.

Summary M24
The M24 is a long-range, high-velocity sniper rifle that has low mobility, decently high damage, but has 50 ammo reserves. It has no iron sights or scope by default.
Summary XM2010
The XM2010 is a recently added sniper from Operation: Nightfall week 4. It costs about $17000 but it gives more punch than the M24 to the arms and legs. It is capable of having more ammunition than the M24 due to the extended magazines. It also has no iron sights or scope by default.

SMGs Edit

SMGs are close-ranged weapons, though it is certainly possible to kill an enemy at long range at the time of writing. They're generally lower damage but faster firing compared to the rifles and can upgrade their magazine (exception being the P90). SMGs are suitably used in PvP. There are currently 4 SMGs.

Summary MP5
The MP5 is an automatic SMG added to Operation Nightfall, week 1. It is a high DPS weapon with both a high fire rate, low recoil standard SMG damage, and the availability of a 50 round drum magazine, with a grip, it has less recoil and better ergonomics than the P90. allowing this weapon to become a valuable asset in combat.
Summary P90
The P90 deals the lowest damage in the game, dealing 40 on headshots, Although the P90 is weak, the ammo capacity and speedy firerate make up for it. It also has low recoil. It is a fully automatic weapon.
Summary AK-74U
The AK-74U deals more damage than the UMP-45 but has the AK-74 recoil. It's not as fast-firing, however, it can equip drum magazines that the AK-74 uses (up to 100 rounds!). It has the same optic equipping method that the AK-74 does.
Summary UMP-45
The UMP-45 is a low damage gun with higher damage than the P90 but lower damage than the AK-74U. It's perhaps a combination between the AK-74U and the P90, with a slightly faster firing as the P90, but with a much lower recoil than the AK-74U. The only con is it's lower ammo capacity (however it is upgradable to 50 rounds), and slower fire rate, which does result in controllable recoil. It is fully automatic.

Rifles Edit

Rifles are medium to long-ranged weapons with a decent ammo capacity that can be upgraded with the use of bigger magazines and drums. They are oftentimes the more preferred weapon class within PvE. There are 8 rifles.

Summary AK-103
The AK-103 is a more modern version of the AK platform. Often compared to the pre-Nightfall SCAR-H, the AK-103 deals an impressive amount of damage per shot while being able to mount a number of attachments. Able to fire in automatic or semi-auto modes, the only main drawbacks to this weapon are its firerate and the high recoil.
Summary AS-VAL
The AS-VAL is an improved AK platform with a better fire rate and recoil, it has great damage output and with the fast rate of fire its a deadly weapon in close to medium ranges. It's a tough competitor in PvP, but its lack of range affects the performance in PvE (Open world).
Summary AK-74
The AK-74 is a Russian automatic assault rifle, dealing high damage, whilst having a somewhat mediocre modification range, and has high recoil. It is automatic but can also be changed to semi-auto. It can equip every optic except the AR-15 carry handle, AR iron sights, and 8x scope. Remember, to equip sights, first equip the "Rail Mount" in the "Extra" category (by the rear iron sight). Then, click a new button that should've appeared also near the rear iron sight. Once you click that, you can equip your sight of choice.
Summary M16A2
The M16A2 is the starter rifle for all beginners, with extremely low recoil, yet very few options for modifications, including only the early Barska Scope optic. You can equip all of the normal AR magazines and all grips (except the handguard cover). Its fire modes are semi-automatic and burst fire.
Summary M16A4
The M16A4 is similar to the M16A2, but with slightly higher recoil, however, it has many options for the gun, along with a grip to compensate for the extra recoil. The vertical grip in fact entirely reduces the recoil back to 25, the same as the G36C and the M16A2. It is semi-automatic and burst fire.
Summary G36C
G36C (Compact) is a fast firing, modifiable very low recoil rifle, that can attach all optics, attach drums, grips, and most other attachments. It is a fully automatic PDW that can be "upgraded" to the G36K "Kurz" (Short) variant via a Hendsolt 3x Scope and an extended handguard.
Summary M4A1
The M4A1 is a quickly firing carbine, it is fully automatic, and can be modified heavily. It cannot equip the 8x scope, however, it has some of the most modularity. The M4A1 is capable of equipping a standard STANAG 30 round magazine, a 50 round LSW stacked magazine, a 75 round drum magazine, a 100 round drum for the Colt LMG, a PMAG 30 round magazine (slightly faster reload), all grips, all lasers and flashlights, 3 different barrels and barrel covers, and 4 different types of stocks (full stock, Alpha Systems ES, B5 Systems Bravo, and the MOE collapsible stock.
Summary SCAR-H
The SCAR-H is a battle rifle, dealing equal damage to the AK-74, yet having below-average recoil for its caliber and more modifications than the AK-74 does. It does, however, lack in ammunition. With the upgraded magazine, the most ammo it can have in total is 180.
Scar H

Shotguns Edit

Shotguns are short to intermediate-ranged weapons, with an inherent inaccuracy due to pellet spread when fired. They deal a lot of damage at close ranges. There are 2 shotguns available.

Summary Benelli M4

The Benelli is a 12-gauge shotgun, firing 5 pellets in one shell. Up close, it's a 2 shot killing machine. Anywhere on the body. It is very good when it comes to taking down enemies in groups in more urban environments. It fails at longer ranges to deal lethal damage. It is a semi-automatic, rotating-bolt shotgun and has a very fast rate of fire. Experienced players can clear out multiple players in seconds. Its low ammo reserves (20 shells total) tend to dry quickly, deteriorating the effectiveness of the shotgun. This gun is not very modular being able to equip only a long barrel, suppressor, tracers, and a non-scope optic.

Summary AA12
The AA-12 is a 12-gauge American shotgun produced only in full auto. it can use an 8 round box magazine which can be loaded with green tracers. It has very low damage per shot (DPS) and fires buckshot like other shotguns. Rather low ammunition count is contrary to the effectiveness of the firearm. It requires the use of a rail mount for optics and a separate railed drop in to equip grips and lasers. The AA-12 has access to 2 long barrels, which give it the highest velocity and range of any shotgun while bringing its low damage down even more.

Pistols Edit

Pistols are the only sidearm category available within the game, with surprisingly high damage. They share damage with rifles, along with low recoil. However, they are plagued by low range, muzzle velocity, and ammo capacity, which is exactly what you'd expect from a pistol. There are 4 pistols.

Summary Makarov
The Makarov is a Russian sidearm. Previously used by the "Officer" enemy until they were removed. It has low ammo capacity. It has good damage, with the Deagle being the only one with higher headshot damage than it. It can be equipped with an extended 12 round magazine for free. It is semi-burst and with a barrel swap, can either of the 2 pistol suppressors.
Summary Deagle
The Deagle is a high damage weapon, however, it has small amounts of ammo, high recoil, and is the only pistol that can equip a sight. It has the highest damage of all pistols. This gun is used in PvE and PvP for its impressive range, accuracy, and damage. The Deagle is the only pistol that can't put on barrel attachments. It is semi-automatic and has a 7 round magazine. Even though you can two-shot, the enemy's suppression will surely throw off anyone's aim. Both the Deagle and G22 can equip an under-barrel flashlight.
Summary Glock 22
The Glock 22 is the default secondary weapon when you first launch the game, it has high damage for a pistol, low recoil, and a surprisingly fast-firing three-round burst mode. It can equip a 20 round extended magazine. Both the G22 and Deagle can equip an under-barrel flashlight.
Summary Browning Hi-Power
The Browning Hi-Power has slightly lower headshot damage than the Makarov, the same amount of ammunition of the Glock 22, and has a very slightly higher amount of damage to the limbs and head than the Glock 22. It is semi-automatic. It can equip a 20 round extended magazine.


This is what it says on the cover. Mounted/Vehicle weapons are weapons equipped onto vehicles. They usually feature high damage and explosive ammunition. There are three vehicle weapons.

Summary M134 "Minigun"
The M134 is a rotary machine gun with a staggering RoF of 2000-6000rpm. This at maximum is 10 7.62x51mm projectiles per second. Ingame, it has a high RoF, deep magazine, and explosive ammunition. It also is relatively inaccurate, one is found on the starboard side, near the cockpit of the Sea Stallion (3 Stars), and 2 are found on the starboard, and port sides near the cockpit of the Blackhawk (5 Stars).
Summary M240 GPMG
The M240 is a 7.62x51mm GPMG used by many countries. It has ingame, a 100rnd capacity and explosive ammunition. It's rather inaccurate, but it pulverizes enemies. However, it also shoots at a middling rate, limiting close defense effect. It is found on the Up-Armored Humvee (2 Stars), the Stryker (3 Stars), The Stryker Up-Armored (4 Stars).
Summary GAU-8 30mm
The GAU-8 is a rotary 30mm autocannon found only on the A-10 Warthog, and it is capable of simply removing infantry targets, as well as quickly destroying the Helicopter Boss. It has a very high RoF, and 1000 rounds of ammunition. The projectiles explode, and also deal high damage.
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