History Edit

SCAR-H (Special Operations Combat Assault Rifle-Heavy) is a gas operated battle rifle designed by FN Herstal. It was originally intended to replace the M4A1 as the standard issue rifle used by SOCOM.

The SCAR-H uses a more powerful round, being chambered in .308 NATO, as opposed to 5.56x45 mm NATO. Seeing as many members of the Armed Forces favored the higher caliber, it has been officially by SOCOM under the designations of the FN MK 17, and MK 20 SSR. It is a heavier, more powerful version of its lighter brother, the SCAR-L (the L standing for Light), its DMR counterpart, the SCAR SSR, its LMG counterpart, the SCAR HAMR, its PDW counterpart, the SCAR-PDW (the PDW stand for Personal Defence Weapon), its Carbine counterpart, the SCAR-SC (the SC stand for Sud Carbine).

Gameplay Style Edit

The SCAR-H is a favored weapon for those who prefer a high damage automatic rifle. It is able to accept all standard attachments available to the Rifle class, though it should be noted that its options for extended magazines are limited to 30 rounds.

Using the extended barrel, it can be used to great effect as a DMR, with the only downside being slightly lower damage. It is still a considerable weapon in close-quarters due to its superb damage and fire rate. The most noteworthy downside is that its mobility is the same as a M4A1 with a 100 round mag, giving it a noticeably slow mobility. This can be overcome by switching to a secondary, or holstering your weapon entirely.


  • Highest damage of rifles  
  • Great range and velocity
  • Highly customizable and versatile
  • Able to use all optics


  • Slowest movement speed in its category
  • Lowest default magazine size in its category, with only 20 rounds (30 with the extended magazine).
  • Lowest capacity in the rifle category, it is still low with the extended magazine.
  • Highest recoil of rifles


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