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A-10 Warthog Edit

The A-10 Warthog is a single-seat military Close-Air Support (CAS) aircraft that fires 30mm Depleted Uranium rounds from its GAU-8 Avenger rotary gun underneath the nose of the A-10. This bad boy is unlocked at 5 stars and is extremely fast at high speeds, the maximum cruising speed is 570, and top speed when diving can reach around 1,090.

Advantages: Edit


First person view of the A-10 cockpit.

The A-10 Warthog is extremely fast, being able to swoop by and take out enemies from below with ease, having its explosive rounds makes the A-10 live up to its name. The A-10 is very hard to hit with small-arms fire, allowing itself to strafe without relative risk.

Disadvantages: Edit

The A-10's maximum speed is not good for attacking the enemy, as such the speed needs to be reduced to increase effectiveness, and reduce danger to the pilot. On top of that, the plane stalls at 110 speed and lower. With flaps, it is 70 speed or lower. The A-10 is susceptible to sustained fire when not moving, as it only has 200 hull, and the pilot is vulnerable to SAMs fired at them. The pilot is also able to harm themselves by having their own shots be too close to themselves. On top of that, the A-10 is unable to precisely attack enemies, leading to unintended civilian casualties as a result, as well with the explosive shots, the accuracy on the gun is very low, and there is no aiming reticule. A pilot must learn to fly properly in order to be effective in the A-10 Warthog. If they are not good at flying, they may crash into terrain or stall. As such, it is recommended to take some time to master the high skill ceiling of the A-10 or stick to using the Sea Stallion and Blackhawks' miniguns as a more ergonomic alternative.

Statistics: Edit

The A-10's hull can take 2 Surface-to-Air Missiles' (SAM) shots and survive. The A-10 is equipped with 1,000 rounds of ammunition and currently has infinite fuel. The A-10's stalling speed without flaps is 120, and with flaps, it is under 80.

Conclusion: Edit

Overall, the A-10 does an astounding job of taking out large volumes of hostile "Zulu" in locations such as Ronograd City or the later waves of the Desert Town. The 1,000 rounds of munitions means you seldom need to re-arm. This can be quite effective if used correctly.

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