History Edit

The MP5, or Maschinenpistole 5, is an SMG chambered for the 9x19mm Parabellum round, developed by Heckler & Koch in the 1960s. Owing to the success of the HK G3, the MP5 (initially known as the HK54) began its development in 1964, and eventually was adopted by the German Federal Police, special forces, and border guards, where it got its designation as the MP5. At first, it used straight magazines much like the UMP-45, but adopted the standard curved magazines in 1977.

Its first iconic reveal took place in 1980, as part of Operation Nimrod. It was used by SAS forces to breach through the London Iranian Embassy, and brought down 5 terrorists and all remaining hostages rescued. Since then, it became a commonly used piece by SWAT units in the U.S., although it was eventually replaced with various AR-15-style rifles and carbines.

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Gameplay Style Edit

With a high fire rate, low recoil, and comparatively high damage to the P90, the MP5 is a weapon with a focus on close to intermediate range combat. Players should endeavor to use the weapon's automatic fire and low recoil to their advantage, as the MP5 can quickly take down many targets with ease. The weapon can also be equipped with a drum magazine, bringing both its magazine size and ammo capacity up by 50/200, respectively.

As with other SMGs, the MP5 has the maximum amount of mobility a weapon can obtain, allowing players to run from cover to cover much quicker than one with bulkier weaponry. Players should find this weapon to be a breeze to use at close ranges, but it is severely limited at range, owing to the low range of 900.


  • Great at close to intermediate ranges
  • Decent modularity
  • High firerate
  • Low recoil (it can go lower than the P90's recoil, as it can equip a grip, and improve it's ergonomics.)
  • Potential 50-round magazine capacity
  • Accurate
  • High mobility


  • Harder to use at longer ranges
  • Most expensive SMG
  • Need to install an additional handguard for rail modules
  • Not efficient with ammunition


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