“It ain’t jamming anymore you commie! *jams* Fu-“

-Last words of Navy Seal Unfor Tunat, before being fatally shot thirty times by an AKM.

History Edit

The M4A1 is an American-made carbine based off of the AR-15 platform. It is regarded across the world as a reliable, lightweight compact automatic rifle useful in almost any situation. Accepted into U.S. service in 1994, it has replaced the M16 series as the standard issue firearm for the majority of the United States Armed Forces. However, due to the proliferation of advanced personal armor, the US is seeking to replace it with a 6.8mm rifle, as part of the NGSAR programme which is part of the greater NGSW program. 

The M4A1 is usually seen equipped with a B-5 Systems Bravo Stock, a foregrip, flash hider, and an ACOG or EOTech sight. The default appearance in-game is a carbine with a standard, closed hand guard, a stubby barrel, a carry handle doubling as a rear sight, and a fixed stock.

More information is available on Wikipedia.

Gameplay Style Edit

The M4A1 is a reliable weapon in the game with a high fire rate compared to the M16 variants, and it's extreme modularity: it can be modified to be suitable for almost all situations, although the M4A1 is particularly well suited to close quarters combat, owing to the weapon's fast fire rate.

One of it's shortcomings is with long-range engagements; the weapon's recoil is enough to throw off players' aim during prolonged fire, but this can be counteracted with a grip, or short bursts, preferably both. This may make one consider attaching the semi-burst trigger, though it is much more advised to become accustomed to controlling bursts with the standard auto-semi trigger. This gives more versatility in short-range encounters, when fully automatic fire is preferred.


  • Highly customizable
  • Low - Medium Recoil
  • Compatible with extended magazines and drums
  • Performs well at Close - Medium ranges
  • Cheap for new players
  • Decent potential damage
  • Barrel options do not affect any of its stats, making the shortest barrel attractive as it can help keep your gun from poking out when hiding behind a corner in PVP.


  • Performs poorly at longer ranges
  • Default comes with high recoil compared to other rifles
  • Average, unspecialized compared to other guns

Trivia Edit

  • As of 5/17/20 the M4A1 has a weird bug in which the gun itself can act as an object, blocking all shots to the chest from a certain angles, essentially giving free armor. It is not known if this applies to other weapons.
    • A similar occurrence was with the K5-6 Altyn, which was later patched.
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