"Wait a minute, these are still burst fire only? HEY CLEETUS! GOT ANY IDEAS?"

-Private Tommy "Redneck" Johnson.

History Edit

The M16A4 is the biggest update to the M16 platform since the M16A2. It has been upgraded with the ability to remove the carry handle, Picatinny rails for mounting attachments, and many minor tweaks. Though certain versions of the M16A4 rifle have fully-automatic capabilities, the standard version is still burst-fire. Though still in service in limited numbers, it has almost entirely been replaced by the M4A1 carbine which in itself is being considered for replacement in the NGSW weapons program.

Game-play Style Edit

The M16A4 is a decent rifle. Compared to the M4A1, it has lower recoil, and higher damage, range, and velocity. The tradeoffs with the M4A1 is that it is not capable of fully-automatic fire, and does not accept a handful of attachments. In comparison to the M16A2, however, it is objectively superior in all regards, save for damage to the chest and limbs. Much like the A2, it is humble in medium-range engagements. A good first purchase for a new player, but readily discarded in favor of superior weapons.


  • Cheapest weapon in Rifle category
  • Highly customizable
  • Performs well at medium range
  • Compatible with extended magazines
  • Slightly below-average recoil for the caliber


  • Burst/semi only
  • Performs poorly at close (headshots needed) and long ranges


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