“what do you mean, this is about oi- freedom! Yea not oil”

-some Gulf war boi.

History Edit

The M16A2 is a American-made automatic rifle, adopted as the main service rifle of the US Marine Corps in 1982. It is the successor to the M16A1, and the second iteration of the M16 platform as a whole. This rifle was called upon due to the infantry’s experiences with the M16A1 in Vietnam, most notably its reliability issues. Interestingly enough, the M16A2 opted to use a semi/burst selector, as opposed to the original M16's semi/auto, and the later versions semi/auto/burst options. The M16A2 underwent a large number of changes, including a thicker barrel to prevent overheating, the ability to attach flash hiders and suppressors, and a new handguard, designed to be compatible with its companion grenade launcher, the M203. Being lightweight, reliable, accurate, and easy to use, the M16 and its iterations, versions, and copies have been - and continue to be - the proud main service rifle of many nations worldwide for almost 60 years.

Gameplay Style Edit

Every player in the game has used the M16A2, as it is the default primary. Despite being given away for free, by no means is it an unusable weapon, however it is far from the best. It is superior to the M16A4 in terms of damage to the chest and limbs, but suffers from the lack of customization options, fully automatic capabilities, short-range viability, and inability to attach optics. On the plus side, it is a humbly effective weapon at medium range, due to its burst fire, low recoil, and optional extended barrel. Users of this weapon are typically either very new, or have unorthodox preferences in weapons and play style. Most players don't need to be told to buy a different weapon at the earliest opportunity. However, those who are lacking in cash will find the M16A2 reliable in burst mode until better alternatives can be afforded.


  • Free
  • Good Range
  • Above average damage
  • Decent movement speed
  • Compatible with extended mags


  • Burst/semi only
  • Few customization options
  • Poor at close and long ranges (Subjective, depends on user skill and aim)
  • Iron sights, and the only available alternative sight on it is also obstructive.


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