Hello and welcome, in this guide you will get all the information you need to know about flying a helicopter in this game.

So, you've made it to 2 stars and you've unlocked your first helicopter, but how do you fly? First of all, when you enter the helicopter it will automatically startup, it takes about 10 seconds for the helicopter to start up. Just FYI, all the controls will be in the bottom-right corner.

Movement keys: Edit

By holding SPACE it will make you increase in altitude, causing you to hover upwards into the sky.

By holding SHIFT it will make you decrease in altitude, causing you to go to the ground.

By holding the A or D keys, you can strafe the helicopter left or right, accordingly with the direction of the keys.

By holding the W and S keys, you can move the helicopter forward and backwards.

By holding the left click, you can change the direction the helicopter faces.

Extra controls: Edit

H = Changing lights on helicopter

G = Open/Close doors on helicopter, (only on Blackhawk, Sea Stallion, and Chinook)

Space = Firing turret, ( only on Blackhawk and Sea Stallion, must be in turret to fire it.)

Get a feel for the controls, practice to get your own flow.

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