History Edit

The Glock 22 is a pistol chambered in .40SW, manufactured by the Austrian company, Glock. The Glock 22 in particular has seen use in several militaries and law enforcement agencies in countries such as the United States, Australia, and Canada. Other Glock models have seen use throughout the world, and hold a firm position even in the Special Forces, most notable in the US Navy Seals, with the Glock 19. Like all other Glock models, it is of modular design, and has been produced in several different generations. There are several different aftermarket and Glock-branded options for customization, such as magazines, slides, triggers, barrels, rail attachments, backstraps, and more.

Gameplay Style Edit

Despite being the starter pistol, it is still a very capable weapon. Due to its burst fire mode, a player is able to kill enemies very quickly. It is capable of using all attachments available to handguns. It has reasonable damage with good capacity. Compared to its competitors, it has the lowest damage of any secondary, though the difference is only marginal when compared to the Browning HP. It also benefits from its ability to use burst fire. This makes it much more effective in close-quarters firefights, and can occasionally be used in medium-range engagements by a skilled player.


  • Free
  • Semi/Burst capability
  • Lightweight
  • High capacity, with options for a 20x mag 
  • Good modularity  
  • Ties with Hi-Power for most total ammo with both carrying 120 rounds with 20x mag.  


  • Low damage
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