"American, I'm going to be honest with you. That Israeli metal block is more useful as melee weapon than pistol."

Israeli Arms Dealer to USSOCOM operator, Circa 2010

History Edit

The Desert Eagle, often abbreviated to Deagle, is an American-Israeli magnum firearm designed in 1982. The weapon has several series and variants, although all can be used by quick changes of a few parts. The calibers are .357, .44, and .50 Meme Action Express. It's noted that the weapon has limited tactical utility, only useful as a status symbol or a large game hunter for the most part. The version in game is chambered in .50 AE, and is the XIX series.

Ingame Edit

The DE is a firearm for people who can aim. It's high damage means that it's a decent finisher and a reasonably useful firearm if aimed for the head at longer ranges. However, it's smaller magazine and small reserve, plus high recoil, make it... Unideal, for multiple targets, or the inexperienced fighter. It sports a rail that can fit a flashlight, and a rail that fits sights. It is best used where ammunition is avaliable, or with careful aim.


  • Highest damage of all secondaries
  • Quick time-to-kill 
  • Good in emergencies 
  • High ADS zoom, which can help when forced into long range or when you are carrying a shotgun with no better alternative. 
  • Can equip sights unlike the other pistols. 


  • High recoil
  • Low ammunition capacity
  • Small Magazine
  • Mildly expensive


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