Controls Edit

WASD = Any movement from forwards, backwards, left, right, diagonally.

Shift = Hold to sprint.

Space: Jump

Z = Toggle walking/running.

E = Hold to lean to the right.

Q = Hold to lean to the left.

C = Toggle crouch.

X = Toggle prone.

/ = Allows player to chat.

\ = Change radio channel.

] = Toggle on/off radio.

F + LMB = Pick up item, enter or leave vehicle/aircraft (Scrolling with your mouse wheel will let you pick another option if there are multiple choices).

F8 = Remove HUD, press again for the HUD to reappear. (Note: you may have to press the Fn key together with the F8 key on some devices)

Headgear Controls: Edit

N = Night vision, and or to lift up and down helmet visor *Only usable with KFS & K6-3*.

B = Toggles helmet side attachments.

Weapon Controls: Edit

LMB = Fire weapon.

RMB = Zoom in weapon/Aim down sights (Dependent on whether it is done whilst in first or third person).

R = Reload

V = Toggle firing mode.

T = Laser sight, or flashlight *Only usable for weapons with rail mounts*.

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