“Why are capitalist pi-COMRADES calling our rifle AK-47?”

-Unnamed VDV Operative to unit commander

History Edit

The AK-74 is a 5.45x39mm select fire rifle of the AK family, manufactured under Izhmash Ironworks, now Kalashnikov Group. It is an improvement over the AKM, the most common rifle ever, and boasts better accuracy, recoil control, compared to it's 7.62 cousins. It was first in use with Soviet forces in 1979, during a trial by fire in Afghanistan. It has recived an upgrade kit(KM-AK) and modernizations(AK-74M), and currently has been supplanted by the AK-12, but remains at least somewhat in service due to high stocks.

Gameplay Style Edit

It's a good weapon and likely to be found in the hands of any new player, due to it's low cost, and significant firepower. It has above average damage, and a good damage profile, it has a decent amount of customization options, however it requires a $150 rail mount to attach them, it can also not attach any rails, as well as a single grip attachment. However, it kicks like a mule, and absolutely cannot be fired in auto outside of close quarters. Fire in short bursts to compensate, it also has bad horizontal recoil, making this inaccurate at medium ranges. It also has bad and crude default iron sight that are hard to use in day, and even harder in night being very obstructive. It is recommended to use this only in close quarters, where things like recoil and the sights dont really matter.


  • Versatile and useful at every range
  • Compatible with extended mags, and drum mags.
  • Cheaper than most guns
  • Respectable customization options


  • Obstructive iron sights
  • Moderately high recoil
  • Unable to use rail attachments

Trivia Edit

  • The AK-74 was called an AK-47 once, then was renamed and received some updates as well as more attachments.
  • According to Wikipedia, it's RPK-74 variant uses a 75 round drum with longer barrel


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